Emanuele Braga and Moleculocracy

    30.11.2023 Lecture

    Emanuele Braga and Moleculocracy

    Emanuele Braga is a theorist, activist and artist. He is a founding member of the Macao collective in Milan and has led many campaigns for social and climate justice, lgbtq rights, and worker solidarity. He has worked in various contexts in the relationship between art, economy, labour and new technologies, and was co-founder, choreographer and performer of the Balletto Civile dance company and director and curator of Landscape Choreography, a cross-sector, performance and research project. In 2020 he co-founded the Institute of Radical Imagination and in 2023 he was part of the organising committee of the first World Congress for Climate Justice. His book ‘Moleculocracy’, a treatise on life, matter, and social and ecological transformation, was published by Nero in 2023 with foreword by Franco Bifo Beradi.