Artowork / Vinyl

30 min



In the works for more than two years, Van Boom and Lecxi Doumer desired to create something unusual that dealt with shifted identities, particularly individuals who are attuned to a constrained society. Van Boom’s story examines the idea of Prosthetics as a terminal outsider in cross junction with the album. His work questions what is forbidden and what is binary in an uncompromising context. Diverse conceptual themes, like the body-exclusive society, surgical distortions, bodily modification, and potentially life-altering decisions, are portrayed in the artwork. I had designed and tattooed the pattern on our good friend Nomi, who offered her full back for the piece and transformed it into a portrait, after reflecting on Prosthetics and how we established physicality in the cover artwork. We’re both relieved that the end result shares the same chemistry as what we both had in mind for the project.

Artist: Van Boom
Model: Nomi
Photography & tattoo design: Lecxi Doumer
Record Label: Cease 2 Exist