9 – 11.5.2023 Exhibition


Sandberg Instituut, FedLev Building 1st Floor and Glass Pavilion
Fred. Roeskestraat 96

Alcide Breaux (b. 1996 New Orleans, US) is an interdisciplinary artist and bioethicist. Their work reflects upon inhabiting a pathologized body and negotiating the fluid systems of biopolitical power that flow through and between private corporations, government agencies, and corporeal forms. In 2022, they co-initiated the research program Crip The Curriculum at the Sandberg Instituut (NL). Breaux has exhibited with WH22, documenta fifteen, Kassel (DE), CICA Museum, Gimpo (SK), Gallery Lock In, Brighton (UK), NAVEL, Los Angeles (US), The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia (US), Sullivan Galleries, Chicago (US), and Carroll Gallery of Tulane University, New Orleans (US).

Áron Lődi (b. 1996 Budapest, Hungary) is a graphic designer and visual artist. His work forges new ways to navigate the flatlining ideological and political hellscape of our present through design, writing and multi-media installations. Trapped between myriads of realities on the east- west axis of Europe, his work explores the in-between realm of facts and fantasies. Áron is a founding member of the U&K Magazine publishing project and one half of the artist duo Alagya.
He initiated a para-academic programme at Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, titled Contaminating The Soil That Nurtures Greed.

Hugo Beheregaray (b. 1995 Vlissingen, NL) is a French/Dutch visual artist surfing between painting, sculpture, furniture making, installation and performance. Constructed using material on-hand such as cardboard and recycled wood, he inserts comic disturbances in public spaces, parties, domestic environments and exhibitions to invite playful social encounters.

Lecxi Doumer, known under the stage name whiterose or 8STARS and tattooing under the alias HOSTILITYANXIETY, is an Amsterdam-based performer, musician, producer, sound designer, researcher and artist. Drawing from their background as a metal drummer and singer, Lecxi produces heavy music, performance and scenography situated in the queer underground on a global scale. Between analog, acoustic and digitally-programmed production, Lecxi conjures heavy hypnotic oscillations to push the sonic potentialities of metal and heavy music. Through a critical engagement with the conventions of the music industry, they employ a DIY approach to high budget production standards, recontextualizing the marginalized position of an independent queer artist as a base on which to build a mythology of success.

Lorenzo García Andrade works independently on cultural projects, taking on roles as a curator, producer, artist, or programmer. The projects he develops focus on the potential of the experiential and the artistic formats it mobilizes around given contexts. These projects are traversed by desire and take specificity to build situations that experiment with forms of relation between communities and different artistic practices. Since moving to Amsterdam he has been working around an area of research he has named Violencia Fantasia and which investigates the triangular relationship between desire, beauty and violence in a colonial center like the Netherlands. During the graduation show, he presented Picaflor, a 16mm film that also gives name to a performance he also showed, the performative lecture Sparks through the stubble and the graphic work QUEREMOS MÁS.

Mikelis Murnieks (b. 1995 Riga, LV) meticulously crafts objects and installations which draw reference from ready-made situations and accidental assemblages encountered in daily life. Through these forms, with a sandwiching of deliberation and chance, he comments on how human psychology is expressed through the nonhuman.

Naama Freedman (b. 1987 Tel Aviv, Israel) is an artist, musician, performer, and DJ. She creates language and performance-based sound and video installations, as well as workshops and music performance centering around voice and text, in order to explore the human psyche and open a space for reflection and introspection.

Rebecca Solari (b. 1996, Blenio, CH) is a transdisciplinary artist using performance, video, music, painting, curation and installation. From these many angles she creates a volcano of energy in which gender and social identity remain fluid, pre-established codes are obliterated and new mythologies bubble to the surface. She is part of the Glitch-hop punk duo Crème solaire (CH) and the musical and performance project fulmine (NL).

Seulbin Roh (b. 1996 Neuss, Germany) is a multidisciplinary artist. Through sculpture, sound, and natural elements she creates worlds where ‘abnormal’ behavior is reconsidered and the psychopathology of our social positioning is put under question.

Poster Design : Aron lodi, Lecxi Doumer

Photography: Tom Philip Jansseon

Performance photography: Sander Van Wettum