Backstage (@ Dampy)

Hey, yes no problem, you went underneath the waterfall. You can come in if you want! From the left or
the right, we’ll meet in the middle. Have a seat, take a drink. The backstage can host the most. Can
you hold this tube for a sec? The little horse needs a belly rub. Whoops, that’s not a chair, that’s a
person. Pardon? We are just here all together, at some point some of us might take the stage. For
now, we’re here to take care of the gear, guard the big lightswitch and make sure everyone is
comfortable. Backstage is a control room and hangout spot where artists and visitors are invited to
wait, to work, to prepare and to chill. There are no bouncers, no codeword to enter, it welcomes all
material and people that wash upon its shore.