Cause my momma taught me better than that!

photos by Enea Mingorance
edit by Aron Lodi

Michelle Rasmussen (b. 1991, DK) is a feminist performance artist, rewriting historical representations of women. Rasmussen’s artistic and academic work boldly addresses the intersections of faith, feminism, and identity politics.
Through condensed gestures, she attempts to subvert the rule of patriarchy. From a young age, Rasmussen’s worldview was sculpted in the conservative shadows of the Lutheran Christian church. This plays a pivotal role in her critical engagement with patriarchal structures.
Cunt-ess by birth. Terrorist by default.

Michelle Rasmussen – Cause my momma taught me better than that!
Performance, 10 minutes
‘Cause my momma taught me better than that!’ is simultaneously a critique of patriarchy assisted by organized religion and an acknowledgment that without women teaching women, we would all most certainly be burned alive for our actions.
The symbol of “MALE POWER” is revered as the absolute truth. A symbol strong enough to stand against the swastika. A symbol known among others as The Patriarchal Cross, the Cross of Lorraine, and the Cross of Anjou.
A shit by any other name, is still a shit. And this shit has been asking for it, for far too long.
Rasmussen invites the audience to experience a hedonistic spectacle undermining the acceptance of religious symbolism that is used to enforce male supremacy.