Non-Stop Plaza Exhibition


24 hour event by the Dirty Art Department in collaboration with Parking Club

at De Fabriek Eindhoven / part of Dutch Design Week 2014

It’s not only our spaces that are designed, and our objects, but essentially it’s our time. We are far away from a society of necessity and well into one of desire : 24h parties, non-stop restaurants, stand-by, red-bull & espresso, burn- out, snooze. In it, the notion of work as well as the limits between reality and fiction are expanding into an endless blur the more it becomes a total, full-time condition. NON STOP PLAZA delves into the notion of time as the principle material of reality, questioning productivity. Venturing into after-hours, we can celebrate boredom, or just celebrate, demystify the spectacle, unproduce, stay up, radically remixing work and life.