Dirty Athletic vs. Intern Rovers

Dirty Athletic vs. Intern Rovers


Intern Rovers Manager Notes: 

Today’s match offers my players and I the opportunity to offer a crushing blow to the idiotic ideology of self determination of the Dirty Art Department.

Our opponents demonstrate incredible arrogance in believing that they can create a tactical plan in such a short period of time using ‘collective’ decision making that will match the mariculture and individually authored masterclass I have constructed for my team.

I cannot imagine the result of this clash of political mentalities going any other way than a triumphant victory for my team.

I have instilled in my team a dogged determination, a terrier like tenacity and a corgi like courage.

My team will play with discipline. They will undertake their assigned tasks with diligence. However to malign my team for being boring or overly functional would severely miss the point. My team contain an appropriate amount of creativity and choice, just attributed to appropriate personnel and only shown at the appropriate times.

So, my team and I look forward to your raucous support. Whose gang? My gang!

(Courtesy of featured artist Warren Andrews and PACTO)