“The Long Take” Premiere @Cinema of the Dam’d (OT301)

Friday March 8
19:00 – doors open
(link) The Long Take & The Short Party
Cinema of the Dam’d / OT301
Overtoom 301

An art-film in collaboration with Gelitin

You’ve only got one shot at this, baby! In filmmaking terms, a “long take” is one, long, continuous shot that is longer than other shots in the film or longer than what could be considered the average. A long take can immerse the viewer in an environment, reveal information about a character in fluid, uninterrupted (unedited) “real time,” show an event that drives the narrative, or potentially do all three.

In this movie “The Long Take” with Gelatin, we created a one-shot art film. This film consists of multiple performances and set pieces, the content of which was decided in the first day of the workshop. No topic or theme was off limits—as John Waters once said, “If someone vomits while watching one of my films, it’s like getting a standing ovation.”

About us:
Wolfgang Gantner is President of Gelitin Institute, a for-profit artist group based in Vienna, Austria. He is a twisted master of the clinical and the absurd, as many of Gelatin’s artworks attest to. (www.gelitin.net)

Scott Clifford Evans is a completely unknown filmmaker and actor who began working occasionally with Gelatin after Wolfgang saw him play Ronald McDonald in the pornographic art film Bite My Golden Arches (2016).