24-28.10.2022 Workshop

Old Pot Drop

with Daniel Dewar and Anna Reutinger
Backwards in time but forwards in thinking, this week is for letting the old pot drop before piecing it together anew.

You are asked to crack open a new way of working—learn a new technique, use a new material, develop a new process—resulting in a physical work by the end of the week. We will focus on a thinking-through-making approach that is based on action without hesitation, and trusting in your gut. To get started, free yourself from what is expected, to what moves you the most, gather the materials, arrange the site and enter the flow. Works will be installed in the DAD space and the week will conclude with a group presentation.

The Old Pot Drop Workshop is intended as the kick off develop work for the mid-term presentations on the 15th and 16th of November and as the precursor to the regular Pot Talks Sgatherings.


Pot Talks:

Pot Talks are monthly gatherings to give communal attention to individual practice. Part installation, part presentation and part feedback, Pot Talks provide a framework for an ongoing rhythm of dialog between peers. Organized in small groups which remain consistent throughout the year, each student will have a turn to present their work in a relevant style and context of their choosing, and invite their group to respond and provide support. These talks are facilitated by Anna Reutinger and are accompanied by individual meetings.


Photograph by Aron lodi