Punctum Remotum, Puntum Proximum, Punctum

4.10.2017 – 7.10.2017
with Florence Parot, Noam Toran, Catherine Somze, Daniel Dewar and Jerszy Seymour

This workshop is concerned with a process of individual mind mapping, a potential to abstract ones own practice, to gain new perspective, to deconstruct and reconstruct, to explain and share ones position with others and find a simple gesture that brings everything together.

In optic science, accomodation is defined by the distance between the nearest (punctum proximum) and the farthest clear visual point (punctum remotum). When we look at the elements around us (from landscape to object, from looking at the sun to looking with closed eyes), there is often a visual spot that catches our eyes creating a delicate ‘hors champ’. Barthes called it the punctum in his studies of photography.

In this workshop, which is not limited to only visual stimulus, but open to all influences on your practice: the conceptual, the political, the popular, the illogical, the philosophical, the practical, the banal, the implicit , the explicit ….. and on, the idea is to find a way to define ones practice, beyond definitions of designer, artist, bank robber or street cleaner. That is what it means to have a practice independent to these definitions and be able to apply that practice in all areas so wished.