Cosmic Visons out of Spiral Symphonies

Cosmic Symphonies out of Spiral Symphonies
with Joseph Marzolla
This workshop is centered around the creation of a Walk/Procession/Performance to inaugurate the accession of the new Dirty Art Department piece of land in Amsterdam Noord. The workshop will focus during 5 days into the thinking, the conception and the creation of the performance procession that will lead us, through a walk, to the new place. In this ritualistic approach, our goal is to reach an altered state of consciousness in order to purify the new land. This marching forward will take form as several micro performances, rituals and healing shamanic sessions during a predetermined trajectory and end up with a spiral bonfire ceremony. The Audience are invited to follow and participate to the procession. During the workshop, we’ll develop in the group the story telling of the performance and create the visual identity of the project;
that will include handcraft, music, costume, props, dance, stories, intention, visual art and film. We will concentrate our efforts on recycling materials for the creation of the various objects, sculptures and costumes that we will use during the procession.
A camera team will accompanies us during the workshop and all together with the group we will write the script of the performance and prepare the production of the film that will show the whole process of creation and the entire performance. We will then have as final result a collective documentary film.
The workshop will focus into:
– Performance process
– Ceremonial and philosophy
– Costumes creation
– Recycling Matter
– Music instrument creation
– Film Production
Workshop dates  : December 4 til december 8, 2017@ Sandberg
Performance/procession : December 9, 2017
Departure: Ferry Westerdoksdiijk – NDSM during sunset.