Revolution or Bust! Part I


Revolution or Bust! Part I

Activism, spiritual enlightenment, education and dealing with the actual reality are seen as the pre cursa to the revolution. Revolution or Bust is both a trip and a destination. But which trip and which revolution? Which new world to create? The trip, as in any odyssey, road movie or quest for a holy grail informs or creates the destination.

The Revolution or the creation of the new world is more neccessary than ever. An abandoned brutalist concrete hotel on the coast near to Athens lends us both a stage to present prototypes of what this new world can be and the beginning basis of the real revolution, that of creating a new economy and a new property right, ‘The best night club in europe, the creation of a Universal Association for a New Property Rights together with the local community and cheap propertry in Athens!’.

Whichever way the journey goes, the project is about delving into the possibilities of applied reality, of conversing with utopia ‘or dystopia. What is the world we want to create? How can we achieve it? and how de we let people know about it?

with Lovis Caputo, Erasmus Scherjon, Emanuele Braga, Ioannis Morovas and Jerszy Seymour

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