Sweat Lodge

2 – 3.10.2017

Sweat Lodge

We are excited that to be part of your inspirational Journey for this semester. This letter contains the nessesary information for our two day Medicine’Journey where we will take you trough a personal journey of self enquiery on all levels.
Practically these two days will evolve around building a Sweatlodge together and taking part of this ritual of Purification and Rebirth very early in the morning.

Your personal work is going to be part of this ritual.
expect to be talking about things that really matter to you. This is why we ask you to prepare yourself well. Start with the Amazonian diet as from now to help your body be more sensitive to the subtle information. An intention will help you to give the journey direction and will shape itself when you come closer to the actual moment.

Purification and Rebirthing Ceremony.

The Sweatlodge is a traditional way to purify and cleanse the body on a physical and emotional level. It is a journey through the sacredness of Life and translates the continuous process of death and rebirth in each moment.
Mourning processes, initiations and birth rituals are examples of transitions where the Sweatlodge was incorporated to assist these life changing processes.
A Sweat lodge ritual is a wonderfull way to get connected with the subconscious wisdom of the body because it goes back to the source: the place where all creation begins , the womb of the Mother.

In four rounds this Ritual takes you through a deep understanding of the energy of Air , Water, Fire and Earth, inside your body and related to your life. Conducted through prayers, drumming and Sacred Songs.

Stones are heated into a Sacred Fire and brought inside the Sweatlodge, where they are blessed with Herbs and poured with water for steam. After the hot stones are brought in, the door will be closed and we will sing songs to pray to the Energies that help us to relate to All our Relations. After aproximately 20 minutes, the door will be opened to exchange steam and accumulated energy for fresh Air. The Journey will take us through four rounds, where we will stay inside. At the end of the four rounds we will crawl out.

Women in their moon may join all rounds.
Inside the Sweatlodge you can wear a sarong or go naked, as you prefer.
Serious physical ailments need to be communicated, as well as intense traumatic experiences.

Looking forward to meet you!

Angelique & Zowie