Academiae Biennal 2018

Participation in the Academiae Biennal 2018, curated by Christian Jankowski, in Franzensfest, Fortezza, IT with Alessandro Veneruso, Ana Shametaj, Andrea López Bernal, Andy G. Vidal, Anna Läderach, Anna Reutinger, Aurélien Lepetit, Catherine Somzé, Daddy Issues, Daniel Dewar, Dani Andres Ordonez Munoz, David Haack Monberg, DFFB, Dirty Art Department, Emanuele Braga, Erasmus Scherjon, Florence Parot, Francesca Maciocia, Franco Berardi, Giovanni Bozzoli, Gucci Nuggetz, Jasmine Alakari, Jason Harvey, Jean‑François Peschot, Jeroen Kortekaas, Jerszy Seymour, Jo Vávra, Leo Ravy, Leonardo Ruvolo, Leslie Lawrence, Lost Dad Radio, Lovis Caputo, Lotte Hardeman, Luca Chiaudano, M^C^O, Nagaré Willemsen, Nicola Baratto, Pierre Bujeau, Quentin Dupuy, Rachele Monti, Saâdane Afif, Sara Daniel, Selma Köran, Sun Chang, Tamara van der Laarse, Tom Kemp, Tomasz Skibicki, Walter Götsch, Yiannis Mouravas and Young Boys Writing Group.

View “The Wandering School Part 2: Revolution or Bust!” trailer here.



The Wandering School Part 2: Revolution or Bust!

Following the social sculpture of the first ‘Wandering School’, which took place in 2016 with Macao Collective in Milan, ‘The Wandering School Part 2: Revolution or Bust!’ took place as a journey through Greece—as the place of origin of western knowledge, and the stage where the contemporary fight against European and global neoliberal hegemony is played out.

The goal is, if not the actual revolution, the creation of contemporary rituals for the creation of the new world.

Participants left Amsterdam by plane to Bari, and travelled in descending order of technology—by boat from Bari to Patras, by public transport from Patras to Delphi. On arriving in Delphi, they met the Oracle, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, who presented his Ode to Capitalism and explained the revolution in his terms.

Continuing on foot from Delphi to Athens, over mountains and through valleys, there was time for rumination and chances to realize new links between themselves and with those they met along the way. Once in Athens, they sought out the light through a series of planned and unplanned happenings, lectures, situations and actions. Caught between the impossible fantasy of the Revolution and the real task of self-organising, those involved decided individually and collectively how to proceed and what action to take. These are some residues from the experience.