I’m an angel compared to some of my friends

Sandberg Instituut’s Dirty Art Department will finally glide back down gracefully in Amsterdam and fold up their weary wings. In ISO, we will meet and regale tales of our nomadic journey through Greece.
Saturday June 16, 22.00-03:00
Location: ISO, Isolatorweg 17, 1014 AS Amsterdam


In March we left Amsterdam by plane to Bari, and travelling in descending orders of technology by boat from Bari to Patras, by bus from Patras to Delphi, and finally on foot from Delphi to Athens.
Upon arrival in Athens, we set up camp in ” any place and no place ” and did a series of planned and unplanned situations, lectures and actions, which served as clues to the construction of the new world. We lived and worked in a hospital and a basement, and some of us have graduated in an old hotel.

The Dirty Art Department sees itself as a trip, and it remembers that wherever it lands, a place becomes a fertile ground for action. The members and friends of the Dirty Art Department flow between the pure and the applied ; the aim to create, if not the actual revolution, the creation of contemporary rituals for the creation of the new world. Successes and failures, individually and collectively, are unearthed in their efforts to self-organize within an experimental nomadic pedagogy.

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