They Swore It Could Talk To Dogs

Graduation exhibition

How do we communicate? When verbal language comes to its limits new sensibilities arise. The sea smells like an orange tree. The car tastes like a paper towel, the pigeon feels like a pomace brandy. In it they could talk to dogs, a group or a group of eight individuals in order to achieve comprehension, examination, friction or fondness towards the other. The unknown becomes a friend, a lover, a new companion. On their journey they encounter unfamiliar intimacies and asymmetrical conversations. Objects turn into subjects, materials into immaterialities, realities become fantasies.Suddenly, holes talk, the air hums, fish stinks, and the sea seeks togetherness. Small tools are devised for big problems.

The Dirty Art Department is a Masters program at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. It comes from a common background of design and applied art. As part of the Wandering School, an experiment in nomadic self-organized pedagogy, the department travels by plane to Bari, by boat to Patras, by bus to Delphi and on foot to Athens. They live in a hospital, and now some of them are graduating in an old hotel. 

Andy Garcia Vidal. Andrea López Bernal. Anna Laederach. Giovanni Bozzoli.Lotte Hardeman. Nagare Willemsen. Quentin Dupuy. Tom Kemp 

Opening Wednesday June 6, 20:00 – 23:00. 

Open from Thursday June 7 through Saturday June 9, 
12:00 – 20:00. 

LOCATION: Bageion Hotel, 18 Omonoia Square, Athens.

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